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The Flexibility of Homeschooling and the Benefits of Community

Stay in charge of your student's middle school and high school path with the added benefit of having access to a community. With no attendance requirements, no assigned start times, and student-driven opportunities, clubs, and classes you can choose what works and opt out of what doesn't.

The family and Ridgemont staff, acting as a resource, will develop a course plan. With so many options available, combined with individual interests and talents, every student will have a uniquely personalized plan. 

Each semester, students will create a plan that includes the courses that they plan to take. Each week,students will make weekly goals and communicate their progress to their parents through the portal. This allows for independence with accountability.  

 Do you have a student who wants to learn Japanese, start a book club or even house band? At Ridgemont Academy, students can create opportunities on the portal and invite other students to join.  Ridgemont staff and families can also create opportunities for the community members at Ridgemont Academy. It can be a weekly baking challenge, wilderness skills or resume writing. The more creative the better! If you would like to see a skill taught or presentation on a specific topic, you have the ability to create it as a member of our community. 


Optional Opportunities/Classes Created by the Ridgemont Academy Community and Providers


Some of the opportunities offered by Ridgemont Academy for the 2019-2020 school year:

Botany, Aquatic Science, eSports Team, Destination Imagination Team,Art,Podcast,P.E.,Year Book Committee,School Store Staff,Dungeons and Dragons, Journaling, Textiles, Crafts, Games, Ethical Hacking Club, Open Mic Night, Annual Casino Party, Holiday Parties, Family Events

Optional on site tutoring offered by providers for the 2019-2020 school year:   

Reading and Writing Tactics, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Pre- Algebra, Algebra,Geometry,Chemistry, History of Rock, US Government/Civics,


At Ridgemont Academy we believe the best way to ignite passion is to present ideas, skills or classes by knowledge owners who are passionate about their skill or trade.


Our Community


Ridgemont Academy offers an exciting opportunity for teens (12-18) who are self-directed, engaged and working towards a high school diploma. Our students are confident in their path and willing to work hard for their goals.

Our campus has room for collaboration and for independent study. At any given moment during a  day, you might see a few community members taking an online class together, a few others participating in a study group, a few working independently and others taking a break or attending an opportunity. 

If this sounds like a community designed especially for you we would love to see you at one of our open houses.  If you have a question for us before the open house give us a call at 713-331-3891. Ridgemont Academy offers a community for self-directed education in Spring, TX for ages 12 to 18.

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