Frequently Asked questions


Do you provide curriculum?

We do not provide curriculum, each student will have different curriculum needs based on goals, interests, talents and learning style. Families work with staff to identify curriculum choices that best meet the student's needs. This can range from free resources to paid live online classes subscribed to by the family. No two schedules will look alike just like no two students are alike. We do provide a resource library, a searchable database in the school portal that lists available online resources. We also have a physical resource library that includes supplies like a chemistry set, vacuum chamber, a telescope, books and more that can be checked out by the student. In addition, students will be presented with opportunities during the school day that they can attend to supplement their self-directed journey. 

Do you provide transcripts?

We have a custom software, developed especially for students at Ridgemont Academy, that can track and produce reports that contain the information traditionally provided on a transcript.  Parents and their student(s) have complete control over the transcript creation process.

What type of students/families do best at Ridgemont Academy?

Our school is specifically geared towards self-directed learners who are working towards a high school diploma. Previously home-schooled students or students from a self-directed environment will likely find the transition to Ridgemont Academy familiar. Students from a traditional school background will find a supportive staff that is available to help the family transition into a self-directed education.

What if my student needs to take a class or train during the school day at a different location?

At Ridgemont Academy we understand our students are going to be engaged in activities, classes or travel that requires flexibility.  We do not have an attendance policy for the specific reason of accommodating those activities and interests.  We also do not have any "required" events at the school.  Anything taking place at the school is considered an opportunity and participation is always optional.  Basically, Ridgemont Academy does not seek to define a students journey rather have the student define Ridgemont Academy's part in their journey.

Why go to Ridgemont Academy?

Ridgemont Academy fills a much needed educational choice in the Spring area. It serves as a way to transition from homeschooling into the independence of college. It provides an option for families who would like to homeschool but need the support of our community to get started or that need a school for their student to attend if a parent or guardian is not available. It's an ideal school for families who need differentiation from traditional grade level classes. As the parent, we believe you have the right to determine the best education path for your student rather it be leaving all the decisions up to your independent learner or taking part of their journey at the level you feel comfortable with.

Does Ridgemont Academy serve special needs kids?

Our staff is not trained to meet the needs of special needs kids at this time.